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Dr Geeta Rani Arora published articles

S.NO Topic Journal /Magazine Issue and year
1. Anxiety -Diagnose, evaluate, treat and follow up Homeopathy for All June 2020
2. Anaemia and its homeopathic management Homeopathy for All Feb 2020
3. Bronchitis Homeopathy for All December  2019
4. Depression SDHA Souvenir year
5. Viral diseases of Skin -Warts And Molluscum and its homeopathic management NHMC – Alumini souvenir Nov 2019


6. Acne- What, why and its Management Homeopathy For All October 2019
7. Don’t walk alone, seek help -Menopause – keep moving SaanjhiSanjh – a monthly Hindi newspaper for elderly October 2019


8. Rheumatoid Arthritis -Be on the move with Homeopathy SaanjhiSanjh – a monthly Hindi newspaper for elderly Sep 2019


9. Loss of bladder control Incontinence SaanjhiSanjh – a monthly Hindi newspaper for elderly Nov 2017
10. Piles – a painful concern SaanjhiSanjh – a monthly Hindi newspaper for elderly March 2017
11. Don’t walk alone, seek help (article on menopause) Kaleidoscope ezine – an online magazine year
12. Let our loved ones live long without getting old SaanjhiSanjh – a monthly Hindi newspaper for elderly March 2017
13. Homeopathy for Health Problems of Aged Kaleidoscope ezine (Transformation Special) Sep year
14. Natrium Remedies – Case Reports The Homoeopathic Heritage Feb 2014
15. Thyroid Dysfunction – Case Study The Homoeopathic Heritage Sept 2012
16. The ophidia Group – Doctrine of Signature The Homoeopathic Heritage April 2012
17. A case of Arrested development, delayed milestones The Homoeopathic Heritage 2011
18. Mental Retardation – Case Study The Homoeopathic Heritage Sept 2011
19. A Case of Hypertension + Thyroid The Homoeopathic Heritage May 2011


20. Simple ways to check the quality of biochemic medicines, before you make a prescription Homoeopathy for All Year
21. Lonely in spite of so many around The Homoeopathic Heritage October 2010
22. Tuberculinum Homeobuzz Jan 2009
23. Health Problems of Aged The Homoeopathic Heritage Jan 2009
24. Ways of studying Materia Medica Homeobuzz November 2008
25. Myths and Facts of Homeopathy IN May 2006
26. Cholesterol good and bad Homoeopathy for All Jan 2006
27. Post natal depression Homoeopathy for All Oct 2005


28. Taking care of little angels Homoeopathy for All  July 2005


29. Enjoy A Trouble-Free Holiday With Homoeopathy Homoeopathy for All June 2005
30. Allergy And Homoeopathy Homoeopathy for All April 2005


31. Health Problems of Aged Homoeopathy for All March 2005


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