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Why do you recommend homeopathy?

Homeopathy a treatment method that has answer to many chronic and recurrent ailments from which you might be suffering and not getting expected results and relief. Homeopathy practice is based on firm principles, it’s a science based on proving of medicines conducted on healthy human beings which ascertain that action of medicines derived from proving is what action can actually been seen in humans by giving those medicines. Homeopathy medicines are made from natural ingredients and therefore do not have adverse effects if taken under supervision of a registered Homeopathic practitioner.

Which diseases are treated well with homeopathy?

Many chronic and various acute diseases can be treated very well with Homeopathy.
Scope of homeopathy in chronic diseases:
Examples of few chronic diseases which have right treatment in homeopathy are e.g. chronic acne, Allergic dermatitis, Eczema, Vitiligo, GERD, Migraine, gastritis, PCOS, Infertility, Asthma, Hypertension, HypoThyroidism, Allergic rhinitis, Renal stones, Psoriasis ,autoimmune diseases like Ulcerative colitis, IBS.
Homeopathy also has scope to help in for palliative treatment for Cancer for avoiding/delaying recurrence and improving the life condition of the patient. Homeopathy is a wonderful medicine for improving the immunity, which makes people fall ill less often thus improving overall life condition of patient, one can see the difference after few weeks of intake of medicine.
Acute disease which can be treated very well are insect bite, allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, gastritis, vomiting, renal colic, Fever due to acute infections, carbuncle, Beauty parlor warts, Trigeminal neuralgia etc. the results are visible within few hours in case of acute ailments.

Which diseases cannot be treated using homeopathy?

Gallstones, fractures, cardiac arrest, varicose veins, genetic diseases , thalassemia, cancer – which cannot be treated by solely by homeopathy ,cancer needs an integrative approach where conventional medicines, homeopathy and dietary management together gives very positive results as compared to any one strategy taken alone.

How do I know if homeopathy can help my disease?

Send us an email / consult us and we will be able to advise you if your diseases can be treated by homeopathy or not.

How is homeopathy different than other modes of treatment?

Homeopathy is made from natural sources. Homeopathy boosts immunity and thus works by enhancing the body’s immunity and disease fighting ability and thus helps in treating disease. Homeopathy doesn’t have adverse effects. Homeopathy is an individualized based treatment and doesn’t have fix medicines for diseases. Medicine is prescribed based on patients symptom and individuality of patient each time.

Is homeopathy slow?

It is a myth that homeopathy is slow, you can expect your disease to get better in proportion of its history and severity you have had. For example if you take homeopathy for a cough and cold you had since two days then medicines given are also acute and fast acting which will relieve your symptoms in few hours or days. Like if you take homeopathy for fever, then you do not have to wait for days and months, if medicine prescribed is right then fever should start subsiding in few hours.
For chronic diseases, definitely, it will take time for your ailment to go completely away but if medicine is right one starts seeing the difference and registration of medicine can be seen in 2-4 weeks depending from case to case. In chronic cases, the response also depends on severity of case, depth of pathology, immunity of patient and patients body’s response, other medication patient is taking.

Is homeopathy safe?

Yes definitely, it is a system of medicine which is based on firm principles and medicines are made from natural sources and do not have any adverse effects if given rightly based on homeopathic principles. Medicine should always be taken under guidance of a registered homeopathic practitioner. Its not advisable to take homeopathic medicines over the counter or without consulting a practitioner as if anything is taken long- be it homeopathy or any other medicine and if your body doesn’t ’t need it then you can have adverse effects as you are taking something which your body might not be needing.

Is homeopathy scientific?

Yes, homeopathy is the only medical science where medicines have been proven on healthy human beings. It’s a science where prescription and selection of medicines is based on firm principles.
Lately, researches like done by Dr. Jayesh Bellare from Indian institute of Technology, Mumbai have shown that homeopathic dilutions carry the evidence of starting material even at high dilutions of 1000 C – the very point which critics pick on homeopathy that medicine quantity is not measurable. I would say that it’s not that medicine dose in infinitesimal but the fact is that it’s beyond the testing ability of today physics.However, time is changing and latest researches are giving inclination that this very criticism will also be washed away in very near future by the help of physics.

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