Heal With Homeopathy

Providing holistic approach to health with Homeopathy - bringing complete Physical and Emotional well-being in varied diseases and conditions

Heal With Homeopathy opened its door to patients seeking Homeopathic treatment for Allergic disorders, Respiratory diseases and Mental disorders in 2004 from Care Polyclinic at Lajpat Nagar and thereafter expanded its services to wide area of disorders from basic skin care and Respiratory to more wider area of disorders covering many systems. In Jan 2013 Heal With Homeopathy moved from the Lajpat Nagar to the current set up at Kalkaji at the 900 sq. foot facility at Kalkaji, New Delhi.

Today at “Heal with Homeopathy” Centre we run various clinics for Skin disorders, Gastric disorders – from GERD to Ulcerative colitis and IBS, Rheumatology OPD catering to patient suffering from Rheumatic Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, SLE and other arthritic disorders. We also run a Cancer Care OPD for Palliative Care – we help cancer patients for delaying and avoiding recurrence and improvise the life condition of patient with aid of homeopathic remedies and diet management. At our Mental Health OPD we have been able to help many people with depression, mood and anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders.How we have been able to do this is as Classical Homeopathy has wide scope in many acute and chronic conditions. In many diseases homeopathy can offer curative care and in some conditions homeopathy can annihilate the condition to a great extent thus improving life condition and making like symptom free. We therefore offer right homeopathic treatment as per scope of homeopathy and condition of patient.

Dr. Geeta who is the Chief Consultant has wide clinical experience in treating patients with classical homeopath and has presented many National and International papers on various diseases and role of Homeopathy in same.The clinic is easily approachable by Metro and Road alike. We cater to all classes and even run a charitable OPD for low service income group people.

Our aim to give quality care and correct guidance to patients about their diseases, prognosis and scope and limitation of Homeopathy in their case.

With patients trust in us and with our utmost dedication to homeopathy and patient care we have been able to help many patients with Rheumatic Arthritis, cancer, severe recurrent Bronchitis, GERD and gastric ulcers, depression, Hormonal disorders, fibroids, PCOS and many more disorders. Whether it was seasonal illness in a young adult, chronic ear infections in a child, arthritis in an elder adult or cancer homeopathy has been able to help them to get over the illness and live a more disease free and healthier life.

We provide person focused services which are accessible and cost effective. With our Online treatment protocol we have been able to reach out to many hundreds of additional patients who seek our care and we have been able to help them and distance hasn’t been a hurdle in most of the cases.

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People I've worked with tend to speak a lot about their change!

  • My first experience of homeopathy was with Dr. Geeta, she's a very knowledgeable medical practitioner. She's very patient and has an unique way of dealing with every situation. I'm very happy to say that she has helped me a lot in getting rid of my poor health condition, and I would like to thank her for that from the bottom of my heart.
    Ishan Saluja
  • Your treatment works well for me now my ibs problem clearly cured thanks for your hospitality and specially Geeta mam
    vikas tiwari
  • Dr. Geeta is an excellent medical practitioner. She is extremely patient and takes the time to understand the issues of her patient and to know her patient as well  She has a deep understanding of how homeopathic treatments work and can effectively correlates the symptoms with her knowledge to give long effective results. Most importantly, she wins the trust of her patients through her compassionate and caring nature.
    Varun Khanna
  • I never believed in homeopathy until I met Dr. Geeta, I used to have problems in gulping my food and found no relief even after taking lots of medicines and getting my endoscopy done. However, I can definitely feel relief in my throat and even in my joints. I have my faith in her and I totally recommend her to everyone.
    Neelam Rana
  • School buddy now my doc , Dr Geeta is an awesome doctor and beautiful human . She diagnosed my problem of sleeplessness due to anxiety , with her treatment now i m free from anxiety and panic attacks, now can sleep like baby. The online consultation is the best, keeping in mind the present scenario..thank you so much ?
    Ramandeep Kaur
  • Dr. Geeta is best doctor ????? Her nature is very good and her treatment is excellent and thank you so much ma'am for your treatment.???????????????
    Shikhar Bhalla
  • I came to Dr Geeta for renal calculi but she said she will cover all aspects of my health including my Rheumatoid Arthritis, i didn’t believe that in beginning but continued as my stones were my cause of worry. My stones went away in 6 months and i noticed reduction in my joint pains. I kept the faith and continued with her and to my surprise my pains went away , i was off pain killers with her guidance and later on my own i stopped all steroids and allopathic medication. I m off all allopathic medication since 3 years now and gradually to my surprise my deformities have got better to an extent that i started using my hand. This has been very empowering for me , this change was even surprising for the doctors but since then i religiously take homeopathy and im very independent and have joined a full time job after a long gap. Im so very happy for the changes homeopathy has brought and i continue the treatment for same.
    Mrs Iyengar, New Delhi, India
  • I was in severe depression after my divorce and abortion and life had no meaning for me. I feel blessed for my mother took me to Dr Geeta who not just brought me out of depression but also guided me to study further. Im a proud Naturopathic practitioner today and all thanks to her treatment and support which changed my life.
    Rita, New Delhi
  • Our two year old son used to get acute bronchitis attack every month and was on course on antibiotics almost every month and would recover 20% from same ,cough would continue and would again get fever and infection. He was on nebulizer and his continuous cough was also a cause of worry. Since we started homeopathy with Dr Geeta he has not needed nebulsier and didn’t have any major episode of bronchitis.he does get cold and every sometimes at change of season which is also tackled by homeopathic medicines only. He is taken treatment for about a year regularly and we are happy with the results and thankful for same.
    Mrs Khanna, New Delhi
  • Good doctor Mera daughter ke liye Bhagwan Manati hun
    Sulekha Halder
  • Satisfactory...👍🏻
    Nitish Vishnoi
  • Highly recommend.
    Anavi Arora
  • She is like a god For every patient
    Easy pcm
  • Pretty satisfactory experience during treatment
  • Very satisfied with the time and patience the doctor spared for my wife.
    Vipin Pillai
  • I went for severe recurrent gastric pains for which i had to take pain killers earlier, i was scared of eating out as i would come down with pain and vomitings , but im relieved from my severe problem of gastritis ,and living a pain free life . homeopathy has saved me from this nagging pain and my recurrent gastritis ..
    Usha Kumari
  • took treatment for mother for arthritis which.helped her tremendously ,alsotook advise for chillblains for which dr.geeta gave a remedy which helped her so much
    Neelam Kushu
  • Very best service with best result 👍👍👍
    Sushil Josh
  • Very happy and satisfied with Dr Gita’s treatment.
  • Consulted Dr.Geeta for Homeopathy treatment regarding allergy and sinusitis got the complete relief. Great doctor must visit for the treatment
    Rupendra Singh
  • Dr. Geeta is one of the best doctors I have ever met. She listens to your problems and also finds a solution to them. It feels great when you can get your problem treated with homeopathy under her guidance.
    Sanchi Agarwal
  • Dr Geeta is a very good dr. i met her when i had lot of problms cough cold immunity kidney stone issues. She really helped me. Now even for fever or any other health problem i take homeopathy only from her. She listen the problem carefully.
    gypsyyogi soul
  • Great experience !! Was suffering from severe Sinusitis and Skin infection. Got treated by Dr. Geeta for same and both has completely been cured. Dr. Geeta is one of those doctors who patiently devotes time to understand problems of her patients in depth. Also, my daughter was suffering from respiratory infections now and then due to lack of immunity. Touch wood, she is responding well to Dr. Geeta's treatment. Strongly recommended !!
    Sonali Chordia
  • Dr. Geeta is the finest Homeopathy doctor we have come across. She has been treating our family and specially the kids since their birth. There has been tremendous improvement in their respiratory problem. With her medicines, now kids get sick less often and the immune system has improved a lot. She is very helpful and caring and attends to problem promptly. Her support is invaluable & I would definitely recommend her and rate her 12 in the scale of 10. Thank you, Prashant Bhatnagar
    Prashant Bhatnagar
  • I have been associated with Dr Gita past 3 to 4 yrs she has helped me to overcome my personal problems health by her consultation medicine so now I have actually reformed as a better human being health-wise n in personal life too otherwise to get this covid time cleared was a big challenge with happiness n health being a lady of the house that too with the job now working from home so she is excellent in all aspects.
    Anita Chotrani
  • Three years back I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my allopathic doctor had recommended some medicines but I was always never keen on taking allopathic medicines because of their side effects. I visited Dr. Geeta and after 2 hours of detailed questioning she put me on homeopathy medicines. After 4 months my BP was normal. I took the medicines fr 2 Years and now I’m completely fine all thanks to Dr. Geeta. I highly recommend her for all ur problems as her approach is very scientific and homeopathy works.
    gagan khosla
  • I am being treated by Dr Geeta for more than five years for RA. I completely stopped allopathic medication, when her meds began to take effect. Her treatment has helped me improve my mobility a lot and the pain too is under control mostly.. I recently completed a 6 km steep uphill as well as downhill trek with barely any pain. I am very thankful to Dr Geeta for always being there for and constantly motivating me to stay positive and try my best to defeat this condition . I have also been able to manage a full time job as well as perform my home duties effectively for the past 3 years. Grateful to her..i have unshakable faith in the healing power of homeopathy..
    Lakshmi Iyengar
  • Geeta is a doctor with a magic touch! She is such a pleasing person that you forget what problem you have. She cured me of stubborn uticeria. Homeopathy is way of my life. Thank you Geeta!!!
    Mala V
  • I know Dr geeta for last 18 yr. I have full trust on her. She always gives right guidance. I thanks for her for curing many problems of me.i always take homeopathic medicine for everything. I cure BP, synes, stones, hormones imbalance, depression by her medicines.
    Madhu Gupta
  • Dr. Geeta not just treats but, in a way she heals an overall personality. She truly is a good listener which, helps a patient to describe their problems hence, an appropriate remedy. My experience with her was none other than a miraculous one when, my regular visits to, different orthopedics, neurologist, physiotherapist & ayurvedic failed. It was just her treatment which treated my sciatica. I adore her for not just treating but, listening, guiding, solving & bearing with me through out the treatment. I wish a long life for her so, we have such real doctors in this so called unrealistic​ world today.
    Prakrati Chaddha
  • Nothing less than a miracle, my throat sensitivity of 30 years gone in 3 weeks. Life took a pleasant turn still cannot believe it.
    Vijay Chauhan
  • I would say about Dr. Geeta , she is well warm nature person with understanding approach in caring. I must say after a regress fall in other medicines in my case...i found her through one of my known..and now i can say homeopathy cures root of a disease without any sideffects. One should consult atleast before any further fall down.
    Deepika Saroha
  • "I had a good experience with Dr.Geeta, she is very kind and gentle with the patients. I m very happy with the treatment and my problem is almost gone with her treatment."
    Nida Nida
  • Only because of her medical help was I cured of my chronic cough and allergies. My entire family follows her. Highly recommended
    Meenakshi Oberoi
  • The treatments were effective and Dr. Geeta's guidance was very helpful.
    Aparna Nayyar
  • Really good with diagnoses of the real problem. The medication started to show improvements in very quick time. Overall very much satisfied with the service, would highly recommend.
    Devesh chugh
  • Homeopathy really works for me ......i find it very effective..... special thanks to Geeta mam who is very supportive and understanding..
    Jyoti bisht
  • I went to Dr Gita for cardiac problems. Was having issues after angioplasty done three years back in 2015. Intermittently use to have mild angina pain and Heaviness/ tightness in the left chest. After constitutional homeo treatment given by Dr Gita, the Symptoms have not occurred for last three months. I am really amazed at the efficacy of this unbelievable homeo wonder. So grateful for having met Dr Gita. My other issues regarding skin problems are also getting better with the constitutional medicine.
    Anand Kumar
  • I am quite satisfied with the medicine and doctor is also very knowledgeable
  • Dr Geeta is very nice Homeopathic Doctor , very soft spoken and patient.she helped me with anxiety problems.. her medicines had a soothing effect on my body . highly recommended.
    Akshra Arora
  • Dr Geeta is a gifted and devoted healer! She goes to the root of the problem and finds a permanent solution with homeopathy. My son suffered severe allergy for years but thanks to her treatment is almost fully cured in an year! We are indeed fortunate to have found a doctor like her!
    Sapna Bhardwaj
  • Dr Geeta is one of the best doctors and individuals Ive come across. She cares deeply about the problem of her patient and gets to the root of it. She invests in understanding her patient and gives a solid treatment effectively removing the problem. She pays attention to each aspect of the patient , something not a lot of doctors do. She gives you an accurate analysis and treatment and lets you rest assured. Medicines prescribed show real improvements.
    Varnika Mishra
  • I must say experience was very nice.. Great
    Jerry Mehta
  • Thoroughly impressed with Dr. Geeta Arora!
    Anurag Goel
  • Dear friends , In today’s world we are all running like machines due to which everyone has one or the other health issues and what we generally do is , just take an antibiotic or painkiller by just consulting a nearby chemist. But Dr. Geeta is one of those doctors who listens to her patients very patiently. She gives medicines taking into consideration the patients lifestyle which indeed is very good for the patient in the long term. There is a myth that homeopathy works very slow as compare to allopathic but personally what I feel is that homeopathic medicines have no side effects and it helps to cure the disease from its root. Last but not the least our society needs such kind of doctors who are not money minded but truly dedicated to their profession . Thank you so much Dr. Geeta for always being there.
    Pooja Madan
  • I have been going to Dr. Geeta for the last 5-6 years. I went to her with a problem of high BP and cholesterol. Her medicines and consultation has worked wonders for me. I even took my son to Dr. Geeta as he was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and since then, he has been recovering miraculously. I highly recommend Dr. Geeta to one and all.
    Aditya dua
  • My experience with Dr. Geeta Rani Arora is overwhelming. She is an excellent doctor. She is cheerful and always tries to create a positive environment whenever I visited her as a patient. I feel very easy to communicate my problem with her and she is always available for help even on call if immediately needed. My experience with her so far is very smooth and satisfying.I can blindly recommend to anyone
    Noddy Problem Solver
  • I met Dr. Geeta when I was having difficult times and she made it so easy for me. It is not just about physical illness it is also about healing the over all health. My main problem was stress and back pain in the beginning, then I had a baby and she has treated my baby in all kinds of infections. Also she even understands my emotions snd whatever advice she has given for any kind of treatment snd tests has worked wonders, my baby is super healthy now. She is so kind and a genuine person that I now refer everyone (I know to her) because her treatment is realistic and she helps people from her heart. I have not met any other doctor like her who says," Call me even at 2 am at night if you need to, that's what I am there for", and i did call her at that time on my delivery day. I dont get the time to visit her because of long distance to her clinic and even when I am out of station she is always helpful when I call her unless she is travelling and has no signal. Thats what makes me think a lot about her as a doctor and person. She is like a fairy Doctor to me who can heal my whole family with her magic medicine and genuine care. Now my whole family is being helped by her. I am deeply grateful for her kind and genuine treatment.
    Mandarava dharma
  • I have been visiting Dr Geeta since last 1.5 year and she has been such a saviour for me. She cares so much about her patients and listens to whatever you have to say unlike other doctors who don't let you speak and just tell you what medicines you have to take. Since I met her, I haven't looked back at alopathy as I am very much comfortable and happy with homeopathy medicines as you don't even feel that you are having medicines and you easily get cured.
    Barkha Sharma
  • I had a good experience with Dr.Geeta, she is very gentle.....I'm so happy ....😍
    Naina Nirgule
  • I had a v good experience with Dr.Geeta..she is v friendly ..it's v easy to share your problems with her..she is v soft spoken n gentle..I would recommend her to all..I definitely benefitted from taking medicine from her
    Ritu aggarwal
  • Dr.geeta is like an mentor for me , her medicines really work good on my health I am her patient since 6 -7 month diagnosed with pcos , and I feel so good and stressed free .thankyou
    Navya Tondak
  • Homeopathy deals with every individual’s sensitivities differently. Dr Geeta is one homeopath who studies every patient with utmost concern and then prescribes medication. Our whole family has benefited from her advises. She is truly a homeopath with a difference 👍
    Kaira Funtime
  • My day use to start with Ocid. For good 14 yrs I've enjoyed this medicine and almost gave up on my tastebuds....in fact I was afraid of having fried and spicy and even Tea for that matter. Finally big THANKS to Dr Geeta, for the last 3 yrs I've nt touched any allopathic medic8ne for gastric disorder.... Enjoying my medicine free life Thanks a ton Doctor !
    Sunil chopra
  • Dr Geeta is excellent with her diagnosis and treatment . She has helped me cure many issues for me & my kids . Also very friendly & easily accessible . Thank you doctor !
    Nisha Singhla
  • Very much satisfied with the results. Highly recommended. After seeing the results I have recommended Dr Geeta to many of my family & friends. The doctor and staff are very supportive and helpful.
    Pooja Chopra
  • One of the finest homeopathic doctor I have come across.
    sanjay sobti
  • I had major UTI problem for a long time and used to take antibiotics. Dr Geeta helped me with her treatment in curing the problem. She understood my history and gave me a treatment for sometime which helped me with the problem permanently. I am very satisfied with her way of treatment and her medication.
    Shweta Chopra
  • Very happy and satisfied with Doctor Geeta’s treatment. I was suffering from respiratory tract infections.Her treatment coupled with the caring attitude has helped me attain fast recovery.
    Neeraj Juneja
  • It is one of the best place earlier I don't rely on homeopathy but once we have experienced it.i was suffering from HLA B 27 ,the cure which is not available in allopathic u can get in homeopathy... Doctor especially take care of every patient and maintain a process so that every minute detail is captured. Me and my wife are thankful to Dr Geeta..
    Shiv Singh
  • Very much satisfied with the treatment that we have taken from Dr. Geeta for my kid and Mother in law. Dr. Geeta listens very patiently and her diagnosis is very good, she explains the treatment very well. Very supportive staff.
    Mani Bhatnagar
  • I didnt have much faith on homeopathy until i met Dr. Geeta. My daughter was suffering from recurrent stomach ache and allopathy medicines used to help her temporarily but after taking regular homeopathy medicines for 6 months she is fully recovered.
  • I visited Ms Geeta after a high recommendation from my Sister living in the vicinity. My 3year child was suffering from continuous cough n cold everytime. His condition was very bad and allopathic were not helping though we changed number of docs. After i visited Ms Geeta and then she did examination, her response was very cool n assuring that it can be handled well with homeopathy. Since that very first day till now my son son has not got any health problem as he was suffering from an year. It has been now 6months. Highly recommend her. She is superb and excellent doctor.
    Uma nayal
  • Dr. Geeta is one of the most polite and sensitive doctor i have met. My son is suffering from skin allergy and i tried allopathic treatment but to no avail. Since the time we started homeopathic treatment he has got 80% relief. I thank Dr. Geeta from the bottom of my heart for the improvement in his condition...
    Ayush Agarwal
  • My experience with Dr. Geeta has been really good. I have been visiting her for throat alllergies which I have been facing since over 10-12 years, due to which i used to fall sick every 2-3 months. With her medicine, that frequency has reduced to once a year and that could happen to anybody in a normal course as well. One does fall sick once a year. 😋. I really appreciate the fact that she listens to every case with a lot of patience and prescibes medicine after proper research. My husband and my 1 year old daughter also see her whenever we require her help. She is an amazing person always ready to help. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who has trust in homeopathy and also to those who do not have trust in homeopathy as her treatment will surely bring positive results
    chanchal raheja
  • My daughter's treatment is going on with Dr. Geeta Rani. I am so satisfied with the her homeopathic treatment. My daughter's illness is getting better day by day. She is improving in health because of her excellent treatment. I would recommend this clinic to all people.
    waseem khan
  • We have been going to Dr. Geeta for the last 9 years. You are in very good hands if you are taking medication from Dr. Geeta. My son's bronchitis is under control with her medication. He had been on the nebulizer since he was few monnths old. Our entire family has benefitted immensely from her treatment. Now our friends are also going to her on our recommendation
    Ritu Khanna
  • As the name is.. heal with homeopathy ! I have always got the right medicine for my problem be it a small cold/cough to major infections. Dr.Geeta is kind enough to take cases in emergency and helps her best in times of need. Supporting staff is also very considerate and understand the need of the hour. If you believe in homeopathy you have found the right place. Best wishes for future endeavours!
    Vidhi sobti
  • Medicine for allergies and kidney stone was very effective. I got cured from respiratory allergies in couple of months. Also pocket friendly medicine and consultancy charges. Pathology and rediology reports recommended only in case of requirements. Thanks and keep up the good work .
    Eshwar chandrag
  • Dr. Geeta is one the most finest doctor in homeopathy Her treatment is really works good on my health. She deeply discussed the problem before treatment. She is also a excellent motivator also.
    Chanda Juneja
  • I am an 82 year old person,have been a prof in prestigious medical institutions like MAMC NEW DELHI.PGIMER Chandigarh . By my age one accumulates several medical problems, which are in control,,but repeated respiratory infections would leave me miserable despite influenza vaccine. I heard that there are constitutional remedies in Homeopathy. Was introduced to Dr Geeta by my cousin.Our entire interaction in long distance. I have been under her care since Oct 2019 the winter was event free (normally very bad ).It has worked for me like a God send ,I feel secure with the negativity around us .My supply chain never got disrupted even last month she managed to have it delivered. God bless this saviour. Love Dr Roma Uppal
    Roma Uppal
  • The experience was really great. . Especially the personal attention given by madam is in itself healing. . The medicine treats the disease and Doctor's guidance hepls to heal mentally as well. . Thanks a lot
    Prabhat Singh
  • I am going there for my father's treatment from last 1 year and we have a great experience.
    Ganesh Prasad
  • Dr. Geeta is best doctor 👍👍👍👍👍 Her nature is very good and her treatment is excellent and thank you so much ma'am for your treatment.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Shikhar Bhalla
  • Dr Geeta is one of the best doctor I hv met. Her treatment really works on my overall health. She is very caring. My kids love to take homeopathic medicine. Thank u so much Dr Geeta for ur love and support.
    ABIR CHUGH Gaming YT
  • Hi, anybody reading this. I am staying away from my parents in Delhi and i had major symtoms of Covid19, Cough, Fever, Breathlessness. One of my friends suggested me to visit Doctor Geeta. We did Virtual Counselling, we tried to get my tests done on day 1 but due to limitations of lab we couldn't on day 1 and gradually i got better. I was on medication and healthy diet for 2 weeks and gradually got better, but yes not all cases are same as every patient needs different medicines so suggest you all to not panic and connect with Doctor Geeta in case of guidance
    Beena gusain
  • Respected doctor Thankyou for your care and support. You are very considerate and approachable Doctors are the boon directly sent from God for us. Salute to the heroic job you do. Hats off to you!
    Qamar Jabeen
  • I met Dr Geeta during my India trip in 2019. Since that time my whole family is under her care. She had taken care of all of us very personally. My Son’s health improved alot. My daughter’s constipation pain is gone. She treated me for my anger issues that resolved. I am still getting treatment for my gas problem and I can feel the improvement. I had recommended her name to my friends too. Overall I am very satisfied with her treatment. Its very easy to make an appointment and she is a great listener. 🙏🙏🙏
    Gunjan Verma
  • Dr Geeta is a true guide and her treatments really work
    CA Raman Rawat
  • School buddy now my doc , Dr Geeta is an awesome doctor and beautiful human . She diagnosed my problem of sleeplessness due to anxiety , with her treatment now i m free from anxiety and panic attacks , now can sleep like baby . The online consultation is the best , keeping in mind the present scenario..thank you so much 💐
    Ramandeep Kaur
  • I never believed in homeopathy until I met Dr. Geeta, I used to have problems in gulping my food and found no relief even after taking lots of medicines and getting my endoscopy done. However, I can definitely feel relief in my throat and even in my joints. I have my faith in her and I totally recommend her to everyone.
    Neelam rana
  • I am thoroughly impressed with the treatment.
    Uma Banati
  • Wonderful service and treatment. Thank you
    Vinayak Ghatate
  • My first experience of homeopathy was with Dr. Geeta, she's a very knowledgeable medical practitioner. She's very patient and has an unique way of dealing with every situation. I'm very happy to say that she has helped me a lot in getting rid of my poor health condition, and I would like to thank her for that from the bottom of my heart.
    Ishan Saluja
  • It was totally good experience with Dr. Geeta. She really corporate nicely. Highly recommended. Allopathic cannot cure disease but homepathic can cure it also Dr Geeta knowledge is very good . Again a big thanks to u doctor.
  • Recently I took consultation from Dr. Geeta for severe breathlessness.she observed my symptoms very closely.Her medication really helped me every time in small and big problems.supporting staff and divine aura of clinic.
    Anju Berry
  • Dr. Geeta is an excellent medical practitioner. She is extremely patient and takes the time to understand the issues of her patient and to know her patient as well She has a deep understanding of how homeopathic treatments work and can effectively correlates the symptoms with her knowledge to give long effective results. Most importantly, she wins the trust of her patients through her compassionate and caring nature.
    Varun Khanna
  • Response from the owner3 months ago Thank you Sanjli for sharing your experience and choosing homeopathy for COVID. Yes Covid has been a tough time for everyone and learning experience for all medical fraternity as well, patients who choose homeopathy for this , help us too gain more experience as time progresses.
    Sanjli Dhir
  • Extremely effective medication, completely satisfied. I would highly recommend it.
    Tisha Katyal
  • I took treatment from Dr. Geeta as I am allergic to dust and pollution. I loved how patient Dr. Geeta was and how she actually listened to my problems. I looked forward to my appointments with her as she has a very warm and welcoming personality. Thanks so much mam for all your help.
    Aakanksha Upadhyay
  • Thank you Dr Geeta..I have been taking her medicine since 8 mnths for my daughter and many of her problems like immunity...nail biting..hair fall have been resolved..am really happy with my personal experience .thank u
    Siya Ahuja
  • I am Anup,my son Aditya Rai taken homeopathic medicine by Dr.Geeta Rani Arora.best treatment by homeopathy..very good experience.Dr.Geeta Rani Arora is the best for homeopathy medicine.Thank and Regards-Anup
    Rakhi Rai
  • Dr. Geeta is a very accomplished and skilled homeopathic doctor who lends a very caring and compassionate ear to your problems..I live in Malaysia and have been suffering from fissures and gas problem for a long time..but whenever I have taken Dr. Geeta's medicines they have worked like a wonder drug for me. Thank you Dr. Geeta for all your unrelenting support and care.
    Shruti Dawar
  • Dr Geeta is very nice Homeopathic Dr., soft spoken and patient. If you are looking for homeopathic treatment then I strongly recommend her
    Sunita Verma
  • very nice experience . Before visiting heal with homeopathy i was having dust alergies and common cold problems due to pollution and dust all around . after the treatment iam very well now and my cynus problem is also good now . I am happy with the treatment provided as iam all ok now after visiting Dr. Geeta .👍
    Rahul kumar
  • Before starting a treatment and giving medicines Dr Geeta understands the life history of the patient, hence going to the root cause of the problem.. her diagnosis and medicines gives instant relief
    Neha Jain
  • I visited Dr.Geeta in the year 2019 for my 1 year old son who was weak in immunity and use to suffer from cold and cough frequently. But after the consultation and regular medicines he is much much better and active also. She is very cooperative and very thorough
    Kulbhushan Narsinghani
  • Dr Geeta is a doctor who has very high empathy for the patient and she gives full attention to the problems. I find her very very detailed and she asks the right questions and that's how her diagnosis is very accurate. She always tries to keep the mood light in the interaction which helps reduce the stress factor and assures that you wil only get the right medication. She has cured all the members in my family including myself, both kids, husband, father & mother in law. I would highly recommend her for best homeopathy treatment.
    Shubhra Bhatnagar
  • Detailed analysis of patient and concern is absolutely awesome. I am 100% satisfied and healed 😊😊
    Monika Jain
  • he way she remembers the smallest detail of a patient, makes her special, very motivating and always giving her 100 percent. Highly recommended I have been seeing doctors from my childhood, as I am having psoriasis, but she is outstanding.
    sourabh ahuja
  • I noticed a white spot just above my lip and it was growing rapidly, I consulted Dr. Geeta for the same and within 2 months the spot is gone. My digestion issues are also better. Great doctor, very patient, trustworthy and helpful
    Tulsi Mathur
  • A very good and experienced doctor. I am undergoing treatment for depression and many more long term problems and all my problems are cured. I am fully satisfied with the treatment I am getting. I actually admire the attention I am given by Dr. Geeta by listening to my problems patiently and dealing them with full focus and politeness.
    Mala Kathuria
  • I am a doctor and became Covid positive in first week of May...my wife and parents (aged 83 and 84) were also Covid positive... I had a problem with dry cough after my HRCT showed mild pnumonia ( score 7) Dr Gita gave me two med and was relieved considerably of my symptoms in a couple of days...Her reassuring attitude and confidence instilled a lot of positive vibes in me..thanks a lot Dr Gita... My parents too were given med by Dr Gita and thankfully they remained asymptomatic throughout the treatment... A lovely human being and a sooper clinician...my regards for Dr Gita and her team...specially Usha...who works tirelessly
    Rajeev Dhalwani
  • It has been a wonderful experience. I have taken medicines for my son since the age of 4months. The medicines have been extremely effective in reducing the cough and building his immunity.
    Atika Gupta
  • Excellent treatment and response . A major and immediate relief from chest congestion and fever at the time covid .. thanks to Dr Geeta & team. Mitanshu bhagat
    paperhandy 24/1
  • I have been under treatment with Dr. Geeta Rani Arora for quite sometime and the experience has been overwhelmingly heartwarming. She treated my various health problems e.g. slipped disc, cervical spondylitis etc. with a single constitutional remedy. Currently I am undergoing treatment with her for post Covid lung diseases and again there is perceptible improvement : Subhash C Arora
    subhash arora
  • 4 months ago My experience with Dr. Geeta and the staff has been excellent both online as well as offline. She makes the patient very comfortable, understands the problem thoroughly and provides very effective treatment which shows it's effect very quickly. She is very compassionate and motivates the patients to adopt new ways of better living and to achieve their goals.
    srishti rajoria
  • Dr Geeta is an excellent doctor. God bless her. 🙏🙏
    Sricharan Iyengar
  • I have a great experience with Dr Geeta, she is very knowledgeable and experienced doctor, i went for my son with different problems , and she advised and give medicine, my son is now perfectly free from disease, and still continuing guidance . Dr Geeta is a very desperate with her profession and available in need anytime.
    Pradeep Kumar
  • Hi ! To all Visiting Doctor since last year for my alignment of Spondolytis, Diabetes liver disease. Now my health improving & medicines helps me a lot ,since chronic multiple dis order will take time ,but surprised medicine helps.Doctor very nice ,listen & understand . I strongly recommend .
  • Excellent services.. Doctor Geeta is amazing..I had Covid with oxygen dropping...after taking her medicine my oxygen level came to normal within a day...now I am absolutely fine.. thanks to her.
    Deepa Sheopory
  • Very considerate..Our problem is listened to thoroughly and appropriate treatment is provided after the diagnosis..Had a good experience..Highly recommended..
    Mehak Jain
  • I have taken medication from Dr. Geeta for my 3 years old daughter who suffers from Gastric issue and would say I could see improvement in my child very soon. The way she listens to her patients, the time she devotes, her treatment everything is beyond words. She is doing a commendable job and would surely recommend Dr. Geeta.
    Shivani Singhal
  • I'd like to start by mentioning that Dr.Geeta is gentle and approachable in ways all doctors should be, but unfortunately rarely are, these days. I have been taking a treatment for gastritis for over 6 months from her and I am on the road to recovery, hopefully. She gives you time to speak and express yourself, and really listens to you, offering her advice accordingly. Talking to her makes one feel positive and encouraged, which is paramount for a patient.
    hima wazir
  • Kudos to Geeta ma'am for doing such a wonderful job. She understands her patients extremely well. I would totally recommend this to everyone I know as it personally helped me very much.
    Varun Gulati
  • It was an amazing experience, usually I used to spend a day or more in every year at Hospital ICU, due to my tonsillitis, which she cured. Dr Geeta Arora is a well experienced medical practitioner… thanks to you ma’am
    Shiny Prashant
  • I have not seen many people doing treatment as per constitution of individual. This treatment may take some time but removes the difficulty forever mostly. I found this art with Dr. Geeta, it's an art to make constitution and she is too good in this part. I found her treatment very effective and Divine.
    Deepak Gulati deeprox14
  • Dr Geeta’s medication was really effective- we had tried many remedies before this that yielded no results. She was also patient and managed out expectations- she prepared us to commit to treatment for at least 6 months before we’d see any results. Equally important, she is patient, kind and accessible when you need her. I have referred other friends to her and will continue to do so!
    Aparna Virmani
  • Dr. Geeta is a very experienced doctor, her personality is so calm and composed. I'm taking medicines from her for acne since last one year and there is amazing results of the treatment. Outbreaks are almost nil. She takes thorough history in and out and shares her best knowledge and treatment.Highly recommend her.
    Shabina Parveen
  • A very dedicated and experienced doctor with a lot of patience and empathy ... Have been undergoing treatment for arthritis and am much better now. She treated my son for various stomach issues and the results have been amazing. I would recommend all to take treatment from Dr Geeta
    Jaya Dua
  • The experience with Heal with Homeopathy was great. In the lockdown period, I was sufferring from Gasetic and your online session help me to heal.. Thanks
    Satinder Kaur
  • Your treatment works well for me now my ibs problem clearly cured thanks for your hospitality and specially Geeta mam
    vikas tiwari
  • Experienced, dedicated and cool doctor. Just love to visit her. She Knows her patients and their need v well Hve been attached to her from along time. Don't even remember. Medicines are actually effective. I had migraine, lower back pain and post covid effects. Now health is improving. All thanks to Dr Geeta
  • Overall experience is very satisfactory. I was suffering from gastrointestinal issues from past 1yr...but it's been 5 months I have been taking treatment from Dr Geeta arora and I could see a lot of improvement.... A big thanks to her......
    Minu Arora
  • Expect attention to detail in diagnosis and visible results
    Sumita Arora
  • Have been consulting with Dr Geeta since years now with very satisfactory results .. she has helped my daughter with her constipation and have been using her medicines for her coughs n colds ..
    Krishan Arora
  • Homeopathy is the safest medicines with no side effects. It treats the disease to the core & removes it from its roots. Its the most trustworthy medicine & I would recommend everyone to quit allopathy & shift to homeopathy.
    Kiran Aurora
  • Excellent doctor, gives decent time to patient and guides.
    Mini Rajput
  • Excellent doctor. I have received a proper holistic treatment from Dr. Geeta. No matter what be the concern, her prescribed treatment and medications always help in curing. Would highly recommend to family and friends.
    Pragun Kathuria
  • Excellent Doctor. Soft Spoken and Empathetic. Healed my urticaria and 90% cure in 30 yrs old psoriatic case.
    Prashant Rajauria
  • Very humble and polite Doctor with deep knowledge of medicine. My mother is suffering from knee joint pain, asthma, headache etc, after taking consultation from Dr. Geeta Rani Arora mam she is recovering now.
    Mukesh kumar gupta

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