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Mukesh kumar gupta

Very humble and polite Doctor with deep knowledge of medicine. My mother is suffering from knee joint pain, asthma, headache etc, after taking consultation from Dr. Geeta Rani Arora mam she is recovering now.

Prashant Rajauria

Excellent Doctor. Soft Spoken and Empathetic. Healed my urticaria and 90% cure in 30 yrs old psoriatic case.

Pragun Kathuria

Excellent doctor. I have received a proper holistic treatment from Dr. Geeta. No matter what be the concern, her prescribed treatment and medications always help in curing. Would highly recommend to family and friends.

Mini Rajput

Excellent doctor, gives decent time to patient and guides.

Kiran Aurora

Homeopathy is the safest medicines with no side effects. It treats the disease to the core & removes it from its roots. Its the most trustworthy medicine & I would recommend everyone to quit allopathy & shift to homeopathy.

Krishan Arora

Have been consulting with Dr Geeta since years now with very satisfactory results .. she has helped my daughter with her constipation and have been using her medicines for her coughs n colds ..

Sumita Arora

Expect attention to detail in diagnosis and visible results

Minu Arora

Overall experience is very satisfactory. I was suffering from gastrointestinal issues from past 1yr...but it's been 5 months I have been taking treatment from Dr Geeta arora and I could see a lot of improvement.... A big thanks to her......


Experienced, dedicated and cool doctor. Just love to visit her. She Knows her patients and their need v well Hve been attached to her from along time. Don't even remember. Medicines are actually effective. I had migraine, lower back pain and post covid effects. Now health is improving. All thanks to Dr Geeta

vikas tiwari

Your treatment works well for me now my ibs problem clearly cured thanks for your hospitality and specially Geeta mam

Satinder Kaur

The experience with Heal with Homeopathy was great. In the lockdown period, I was sufferring from Gasetic and your online session help me to heal.. Thanks

Jaya Dua

A very dedicated and experienced doctor with a lot of patience and empathy ... Have been undergoing treatment for arthritis and am much better now. She treated my son for various stomach issues and the results have been amazing. I would recommend all to take treatment from Dr Geeta

Shabina Parveen

Dr. Geeta is a very experienced doctor, her personality is so calm and composed. I'm taking medicines from her for acne since last one year and there is amazing results of the treatment. Outbreaks are almost nil. She takes thorough history in and out and shares her best knowledge and treatment.Highly recommend her.

Aparna Virmani

Dr Geeta’s medication was really effective- we had tried many remedies before this that yielded no results. She was also patient and managed out expectations- she prepared us to commit to treatment for at least 6 months before we’d see any results. Equally important, she is patient, kind and accessible when you need her. I have referred other friends to her and will continue to do so!

Deepak Gulati deeprox14

I have not seen many people doing treatment as per constitution of individual. This treatment may take some time but removes the difficulty forever mostly. I found this art with Dr. Geeta, it's an art to make constitution and she is too good in this part. I found her treatment very effective and Divine.

Shiny Prashant

It was an amazing experience, usually I used to spend a day or more in every year at Hospital ICU, due to my tonsillitis, which she cured. Dr Geeta Arora is a well experienced medical practitioner… thanks to you ma’am

Varun Gulati

Kudos to Geeta ma'am for doing such a wonderful job. She understands her patients extremely well. I would totally recommend this to everyone I know as it personally helped me very much.

hima wazir

I'd like to start by mentioning that Dr.Geeta is gentle and approachable in ways all doctors should be, but unfortunately rarely are, these days. I have been taking a treatment for gastritis for over 6 months from her and I am on the road to recovery, hopefully. She gives you time to speak and express yourself, and really listens to you, offering her advice accordingly. Talking to her makes one feel positive and encouraged, which is paramount for a patient.

Shivani Singhal

I have taken medication from Dr. Geeta for my 3 years old daughter who suffers from Gastric issue and would say I could see improvement in my child very soon. The way she listens to her patients, the time she devotes, her treatment everything is beyond words. She is doing a commendable job and would surely recommend Dr. Geeta.

Mehak Jain

Very considerate..Our problem is listened to thoroughly and appropriate treatment is provided after the diagnosis..Had a good experience..Highly recommended..

Deepa Sheopory

Excellent services.. Doctor Geeta is amazing..I had Covid with oxygen dropping...after taking her medicine my oxygen level came to normal within a day...now I am absolutely fine.. thanks to her.


Hi ! To all Visiting Doctor since last year for my alignment of Spondolytis, Diabetes liver disease. Now my health improving & medicines helps me a lot ,since chronic multiple dis order will take time ,but surprised medicine helps.Doctor very nice ,listen & understand . I strongly recommend .

Pradeep Kumar

I have a great experience with Dr Geeta, she is very knowledgeable and experienced doctor, i went for my son with different problems , and she advised and give medicine, my son is now perfectly free from disease, and still continuing guidance . Dr Geeta is a very desperate with her profession and available in need anytime.

Sricharan Iyengar

Dr Geeta is an excellent doctor. God bless her. 🙏🙏

srishti rajoria

4 months ago My experience with Dr. Geeta and the staff has been excellent both online as well as offline. She makes the patient very comfortable, understands the problem thoroughly and provides very effective treatment which shows it's effect very quickly. She is very compassionate and motivates the patients to adopt new ways of better living and to achieve their goals.

subhash arora

I have been under treatment with Dr. Geeta Rani Arora for quite sometime and the experience has been overwhelmingly heartwarming. She treated my various health problems e.g. slipped disc, cervical spondylitis etc. with a single constitutional remedy. Currently I am undergoing treatment with her for post Covid lung diseases and again there is perceptible improvement : Subhash C Arora

paperhandy 24/1

Excellent treatment and response . A major and immediate relief from chest congestion and fever at the time covid .. thanks to Dr Geeta & team. Mitanshu bhagat

Atika Gupta

It has been a wonderful experience. I have taken medicines for my son since the age of 4months. The medicines have been extremely effective in reducing the cough and building his immunity.

Rajeev Dhalwani

I am a doctor and became Covid positive in first week of May...my wife and parents (aged 83 and 84) were also Covid positive... I had a problem with dry cough after my HRCT showed mild pnumonia ( score 7) Dr Gita gave me two med and was relieved considerably of my symptoms in a couple of days...Her reassuring attitude and confidence instilled a lot of positive vibes in me..thanks a lot Dr Gita... My parents too were given med by Dr Gita and thankfully they remained asymptomatic throughout the treatment... A lovely human being and a sooper clinician...my regards for Dr Gita and her team...specially Usha...who works tirelessly

Mala Kathuria

A very good and experienced doctor. I am undergoing treatment for depression and many more long term problems and all my problems are cured. I am fully satisfied with the treatment I am getting. I actually admire the attention I am given by Dr. Geeta by listening to my problems patiently and dealing them with full focus and politeness.

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