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Tulsi Mathur

I noticed a white spot just above my lip and it was growing rapidly, I consulted Dr. Geeta for the same and within 2 months the spot is gone. My digestion issues are also better. Great doctor, very patient, trustworthy and helpful

sourabh ahuja

he way she remembers the smallest detail of a patient, makes her special, very motivating and always giving her 100 percent. Highly recommended I have been seeing doctors from my childhood, as I am having psoriasis, but she is outstanding.

Monika Jain

Detailed analysis of patient and concern is absolutely awesome. I am 100% satisfied and healed 😊😊

Shubhra Bhatnagar

Dr Geeta is a doctor who has very high empathy for the patient and she gives full attention to the problems. I find her very very detailed and she asks the right questions and that's how her diagnosis is very accurate. She always tries to keep the mood light in the interaction which helps reduce the stress factor and assures that you wil only get the right medication. She has cured all the members in my family including myself, both kids, husband, father & mother in law. I would highly recommend her for best homeopathy treatment.

Kulbhushan Narsinghani

I visited Dr.Geeta in the year 2019 for my 1 year old son who was weak in immunity and use to suffer from cold and cough frequently. But after the consultation and regular medicines he is much much better and active also. She is very cooperative and very thorough

Neha Jain

Before starting a treatment and giving medicines Dr Geeta understands the life history of the patient, hence going to the root cause of the problem.. her diagnosis and medicines gives instant relief

Rahul kumar

very nice experience . Before visiting heal with homeopathy i was having dust alergies and common cold problems due to pollution and dust all around . after the treatment iam very well now and my cynus problem is also good now . I am happy with the treatment provided as iam all ok now after visiting Dr. Geeta .πŸ‘

Sunita Verma

Dr Geeta is very nice Homeopathic Dr., soft spoken and patient. If you are looking for homeopathic treatment then I strongly recommend her

Shruti Dawar

Dr. Geeta is a very accomplished and skilled homeopathic doctor who lends a very caring and compassionate ear to your problems..I live in Malaysia and have been suffering from fissures and gas problem for a long time..but whenever I have taken Dr. Geeta's medicines they have worked like a wonder drug for me. Thank you Dr. Geeta for all your unrelenting support and care.

Rakhi Rai

I am Anup,my son Aditya Rai taken homeopathic medicine by Dr.Geeta Rani Arora.best treatment by homeopathy..very good experience.Dr.Geeta Rani Arora is the best for homeopathy medicine.Thank and Regards-Anup

Siya Ahuja

Thank you Dr Geeta..I have been taking her medicine since 8 mnths for my daughter and many of her problems like immunity...nail biting..hair fall have been resolved..am really happy with my personal experience .thank u

Aakanksha Upadhyay

I took treatment from Dr. Geeta as I am allergic to dust and pollution. I loved how patient Dr. Geeta was and how she actually listened to my problems. I looked forward to my appointments with her as she has a very warm and welcoming personality. Thanks so much mam for all your help.

Tisha Katyal

Extremely effective medication, completely satisfied. I would highly recommend it.

Sanjli Dhir

Response from the owner3 months ago Thank you Sanjli for sharing your experience and choosing homeopathy for COVID. Yes Covid has been a tough time for everyone and learning experience for all medical fraternity as well, patients who choose homeopathy for this , help us too gain more experience as time progresses.

Varun Khanna

Dr. Geeta is an excellent medical practitioner. She is extremely patient and takes the time to understand the issues of her patient and to know her patient as well She has a deep understanding of how homeopathic treatments work and can effectively correlates the symptoms with her knowledge to give long effective results. Most importantly, she wins the trust of her patients through her compassionate and caring nature.

Anju Berry

Recently I took consultation from Dr. Geeta for severe breathlessness.she observed my symptoms very closely.Her medication really helped me every time in small and big problems.supporting staff and divine aura of clinic.


It was totally good experience with Dr. Geeta. She really corporate nicely. Highly recommended. Allopathic cannot cure disease but homepathic can cure it also Dr Geeta knowledge is very good . Again a big thanks to u doctor.

Ishan Saluja

My first experience of homeopathy was with Dr. Geeta, she's a very knowledgeable medical practitioner. She's very patient and has an unique way of dealing with every situation. I'm very happy to say that she has helped me a lot in getting rid of my poor health condition, and I would like to thank her for that from the bottom of my heart.

Vinayak Ghatate

Wonderful service and treatment. Thank you

Uma Banati

I am thoroughly impressed with the treatment.

Neelam rana

I never believed in homeopathy until I met Dr. Geeta, I used to have problems in gulping my food and found no relief even after taking lots of medicines and getting my endoscopy done. However, I can definitely feel relief in my throat and even in my joints. I have my faith in her and I totally recommend her to everyone.

Ramandeep Kaur

School buddy now my doc , Dr Geeta is an awesome doctor and beautiful human . She diagnosed my problem of sleeplessness due to anxiety , with her treatment now i m free from anxiety and panic attacks , now can sleep like baby . The online consultation is the best , keeping in mind the present scenario..thank you so much πŸ’

CA Raman Rawat

Dr Geeta is a true guide and her treatments really work

Gunjan Verma

I met Dr Geeta during my India trip in 2019. Since that time my whole family is under her care. She had taken care of all of us very personally. My Son’s health improved alot. My daughter’s constipation pain is gone. She treated me for my anger issues that resolved. I am still getting treatment for my gas problem and I can feel the improvement. I had recommended her name to my friends too. Overall I am very satisfied with her treatment. Its very easy to make an appointment and she is a great listener. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Qamar Jabeen

Respected doctor Thankyou for your care and support. You are very considerate and approachable Doctors are the boon directly sent from God for us. Salute to the heroic job you do. Hats off to you!

Beena gusain

Hi, anybody reading this. I am staying away from my parents in Delhi and i had major symtoms of Covid19, Cough, Fever, Breathlessness. One of my friends suggested me to visit Doctor Geeta. We did Virtual Counselling, we tried to get my tests done on day 1 but due to limitations of lab we couldn't on day 1 and gradually i got better. I was on medication and healthy diet for 2 weeks and gradually got better, but yes not all cases are same as every patient needs different medicines so suggest you all to not panic and connect with Doctor Geeta in case of guidance


Dr Geeta is one of the best doctor I hv met. Her treatment really works on my overall health. She is very caring. My kids love to take homeopathic medicine. Thank u so much Dr Geeta for ur love and support.

Shikhar Bhalla

Dr. Geeta is best doctor πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Her nature is very good and her treatment is excellent and thank you so much ma'am for your treatment.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Ganesh Prasad

I am going there for my father's treatment from last 1 year and we have a great experience.

Prabhat Singh

The experience was really great. . Especially the personal attention given by madam is in itself healing. . The medicine treats the disease and Doctor's guidance hepls to heal mentally as well. . Thanks a lot

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