Papers Presented

Papers presented at Regional, National and International platforms

S.No. Topic Organization Place Date
1. Management of Anxiety disorders with Evidence based Methodology London College of Homeopathy, Romania batch Webinar online March 2021
2. Homeopathic Management of Anxiety with evidence based studies London College of Homeopathy – Turkey Chapter Webinar online February 2021
3. Role of Homeopathy in Immunity for Senior Citizens Harikrit – an NGO for senior citizens Webinar online December 2020
4. Role of Homeopathy in Covid -19 and immunity Arya Samaj Association, 2020 Webinar online December 2020
5. Role of Homeopathy in Anxiety Noida Homeopathic Medical Association and IIHP, Delhi Webinar online 18 July 2020
6. Elders still under Lockdown -coping mechanisms Harikrit – an NGO for senior citizens Webinar online 4 July 2020
7. Role of homoeopathy in Dermatitis Noida Homeopathic Medical Association Webinar online June 2020
8. Holistic Approach to Fight COVID 19-Immunity Boosting and Treatment options Lloyd Institute of Management and Technology Webinar online May 23,2020
9. Role of Homeopathy in Viral Skin Diseases Indian Institute of homeopathic physicians, K.G.Saxena Memorial Lectures and NHMC Alumini Meet New Delhi, India October 2019
10. Scope and limitation of Homeopathy in Depression with case Studies SDHA, Kent Memorial Lectures New Delhi, India September 2019
11. Role of homeopathy in Rheumatoid Arthritis Homeopathy University, Jaipur Jaipur, India December 2018
12. Role of Homeopathy in Gynae disorders -PCOS London College of Homeopathy Romania November 2018
13. Dermatitis and its role in homeopathy, a retrospective study Indian Institute of homeopathic physicians New Delhi, India July 2018
14. Role of Homeopathy in PCOS

Data analysis and case studies

Dr.H.H.M.R.A (Regd.) New Delhi, India March 2018
15. Role of Homeopathy in Respiratory Disorders CME B.Jain Pharmaceuticals Kanpur, India February 2018
16. Importance of Quality Control in Homeopathic Manufacturing- CME B.Jain Pharmaceuticals Kanpur, India February 2018
17. Need of Pharmacovigilance in Homeopathic Drugs National Coordination Centre-Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (NCC-PvPI), Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC). Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India November 2017
18. Nocturnal Enuresis – the hidden fears, homeopathic management Indian Institute of homeopathic physicians National Seminar New Delhi, India August 2016
19. Need for Upgrading Specifications of Plant Raw Materials in Homeopathic Pharmacy World Homeopathy Day celebration at CCRH New Delhi, India April 2016
20. Need of quality control in homeopathic manufacturing at international conference 1ST International Homeopathic Conference, Indore Indore, India June 2016
21. Constitutional prescribing in Respiratory Tract Kent Memorial Lectures New Delhi, India September 2015
22. Respiratory Tract Allergies and scope and treatment with constitutional line of treatment Homeopathic Organization France Morocco, Africa June 2015
23. Use of Nosodes in Rheumatoid Arthritis HMAI Congress Ahmedabad, India December 2014
24. Role of Homeopathy in Rheumatoid Arthritis complications Indian Institute of homeopathic physicians Nehru Homeopathic Medical College, New Delhi, India November 2014
25. Snap shot prescribing Nehru Homeopathic Medical College Alumini Seminar Nehru Homeopathic Medical College, New Delhi, India October 2014
26. Role of Mother’s emotional state for Pediatric case at South Delhi Homeopathic Association South Delhi Homeopathic Association New Delhi, India October 2014
27. Role of constitutional medicine in removal of in Respiratory Tract Allergies LIGA Congress Paris, France July 2014
28. Complete removal of Allergies with homeopathy Ghaziabad Homeopathic Medical Association Ghaziabad, U.P, India 23 June 2014
29. Developing higher standards for testing medicinal plant material (raw material -plants) in Homeopathic Medicine Manufacturing LMHI 1st National Conference India New Delhi, India 24,25 May 2014
30. Importance of Mothers emotional state in pregnancy in prescription for children disorders LMHI 1st National Conference-India New Delhi, India 24, 25 May 2014
31. Allergies and its treatment by homeopathy constitutional line Asian Homeopathic League National Conference Jaipur, India January 2014
32. Differentiation between various Groups – Magnesium, Natrum, Calcarea and Silicea Indo –Japan Homeopathy Conference Ghaziabad, India October 2013
33. Standardization of Homeopathy Education All India Conference of All India Federation Maharaja Ranjit Singh Institute of Technology, Janak Puri, New Delhi, India October 2013
34. Magnesium Group in depression South Delhi Homeopathic Association New Delhi, India January 2013
35. Magnesiums an important remedy Noida Medical Association Noida, U.P, India October 2012
36. Role of homeopathy in thyroid disorders Kent Memorial Lectures, SDHA New Delhi, India September 2012
37. Case presentation at Sarla Sonawala Seminar on Pediatrics Sarla Sonawala Memorial National Seminar Mumbai, India January 2012
38. Clinical Verification of Single Medicine Rubrics of Homoeopathy LIGA International Congress New Delhi, India December 2011
39. Use of Concepts from Softwares in homeopathy for better practice Kent Memorial Lectures New Delhi, India September 2011
40. Remedy differentiation under a single rubric” C.A.S.H International Seminar “on Interrogating the Core” Pune, India August 2011
41. Use of softwares in Homeopathy Seminar on Clinical Research in Homeopathy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia July 2011

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