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Aparna Nayyar

The treatments were effective and Dr. Geeta’s guidance was very helpful.

Meenakshi Oberoi

Only because of her medical help was I cured of my chronic cough and allergies. My entire family follows her. Highly recommended

Nida Nida

“I had a good experience with Dr.Geeta, she is very kind and gentle with the patients. I m very happy with the treatment and my problem is almost gone with her treatment.”

Deepika Saroha

I would say about Dr. Geeta , she is well warm nature person with understanding approach in caring. I must say after a regress fall in other medicines in my case…i found her through one of my known..and now i can say homeopathy cures root of a disease without any sideffects. One should consult atleast before any further fall down.

Vijay Chauhan

Nothing less than a miracle, my throat sensitivity of 30 years gone in 3 weeks. Life took a pleasant turn still cannot believe it.

Prakrati Chaddha

Dr. Geeta not just treats but, in a way she heals an overall personality. She truly is a good listener which, helps a patient to describe their problems hence, an appropriate remedy. My experience with her was none other than a miraculous one when, my regular visits to, different orthopedics, neurologist, physiotherapist & ayurvedic failed. It was just her treatment which treated my sciatica. I adore her for not just treating but, listening, guiding, solving & bearing with me through out the treatment. I wish a long life for her so, we have such real doctors in this so called unrealistic​ world today.

Madhu Gupta

I know Dr geeta for last 18 yr. I have full trust on her. She always gives right guidance. I thanks for her for curing many problems of me.i always take homeopathic medicine for everything. I cure BP, synes, stones, hormones imbalance, depression by her medicines.

Mala V

Geeta is a doctor with a magic touch!
She is such a pleasing person that you forget what problem you have.
She cured me of stubborn uticeria.
Homeopathy is way of my life.
Thank you Geeta!!!

Lakshmi Iyengar

I am being treated by Dr Geeta for more than five years for RA. I completely stopped allopathic medication, when her meds began to take effect. Her treatment has helped me improve my mobility a lot and the pain too is under control mostly.. I recently completed a 6 km steep uphill as well as downhill trek with barely any pain. I am very thankful to Dr Geeta for always being there for and constantly motivating me to stay positive and try my best to defeat this condition . I have also been able to manage a full time job as well as perform my home duties effectively for the past 3 years. Grateful to her..i have unshakable faith in the healing power of homeopathy..

gagan khosla

Three years back I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my allopathic doctor had recommended some medicines but I was always never keen on taking allopathic medicines because of their side effects. I visited Dr. Geeta and after 2 hours of detailed questioning she put me on homeopathy medicines. After 4 months my BP was normal. I took the medicines fr 2 Years and now I’m completely fine all thanks to Dr. Geeta. I highly recommend her for all ur problems as her approach is very scientific and homeopathy works.

Anita Chotrani

I have been associated with Dr Gita past 3 to 4 yrs she has helped me to overcome my personal problems health by her consultation medicine so now I have actually reformed as a better human being health-wise n in personal life too otherwise to get this covid time cleared was a big challenge with happiness n health being a lady of the house that too with the job now working from home so she is excellent in all aspects.

Prashant Bhatnagar

Dr. Geeta is the finest Homeopathy doctor we have come across. She has been treating our family and specially the kids since their birth. There has been tremendous improvement in their respiratory problem. With her medicines, now kids get sick less often and the immune system has improved a lot. She is very helpful and caring and attends to problem promptly. Her support is invaluable & I would definitely recommend her and rate her 12 in the scale of 10. Thank you, Prashant Bhatnagar

Sonali Chordia

Great experience !! Was suffering from severe Sinusitis and Skin infection. Got treated by Dr. Geeta for same and both has completely been cured. Dr. Geeta is one of those doctors who patiently devotes time to understand problems of her patients in depth. Also, my daughter was suffering from respiratory infections now and then due to lack of immunity. Touch wood, she is responding well to Dr. Geeta’s treatment.
Strongly recommended !!

gypsyyogi soul

Dr Geeta is a very good dr. i met her when i had lot of problms cough cold immunity kidney stone issues. She really helped me. Now even for fever or any other health problem i take homeopathy only from her. She listen the problem carefully.

Sanchi Agarwal

Dr. Geeta is one of the best doctors I have ever met. She listens to your problems and also finds a solution to them. It feels great when you can get your problem treated with homeopathy under her guidance.

Rupendra Singh

Consulted Dr.Geeta for Homeopathy treatment regarding allergy and sinusitis got the complete relief. Great doctor must visit for the treatment


Very happy and satisfied with Dr Gita’s treatment.

Sushil Josh

Very best service with best result 👍👍👍

Neelam Kushu

took treatment for mother for arthritis which.helped her tremendously ,alsotook advise for chillblains for which dr.geeta gave a remedy which helped her so much

Usha Kumari

I went for severe recurrent gastric pains for which i had to take pain killers earlier, i was scared of eating out as i would come down with pain and vomitings , but im relieved from my severe problem of gastritis ,and living a pain free life . homeopathy has saved me from this nagging pain and my recurrent gastritis ..

Vipin Pillai

Very satisfied with the time and patience the doctor spared for my wife.


Pretty satisfactory experience during treatment

Easy pcm

She is like a god
For every patient

Anavi Arora

Highly recommend.

Nitish Vishnoi


Sulekha Halder

Good doctor Mera daughter ke liye Bhagwan Manati hun

Mrs Khanna

Our two year old son used to get acute bronchitis attack every month and was on course on antibiotics almost every month and would recover 20% from same ,cough would continue and would again get fever and infection. He was on nebulizer and his continuous cough was also a cause of worry. Since we started homeopathy with Dr Geeta he has not needed nebulsier and didn’t have any major episode of bronchitis.he does get cold and every sometimes at change of season which is also tackled by homeopathic medicines only. He is taken treatment for about a year regularly and we are happy with the results and thankful for same.


I was in severe depression after my divorce and abortion and life had no meaning for me. I feel blessed for my mother took me to Dr Geeta who not just brought me out of depression but also guided me to study further. Im a proud Naturopathic practitioner today and all thanks to her treatment and support which changed my life.

Mrs Iyengar

I came to Dr Geeta for renal calculi but she said she will cover all aspects of my health including my Rheumatoid Arthritis, i didn’t believe that in beginning but continued as my stones were my cause of worry. My stones went away in 6 months and i noticed reduction in my joint pains. I kept the faith and continued with her and to my surprise my pains went away , i was off pain killers with her guidance and later on my own i stopped all steroids and allopathic medication. I m off all allopathic medication since 3 years now and gradually to my surprise my deformities have got better to an extent that i started using my hand. This has been very empowering for me , this change was even surprising for the doctors but since then i religiously take homeopathy and im very independent and have joined a full time job after a long gap. Im so very happy for the changes homeopathy has brought and i continue the treatment for same.

Shikhar Bhalla

Dr. Geeta is best doctor ?????

Her nature is very good and her treatment is excellent and thank you so much ma’am for your treatment.???????????????

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