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Providing holistic approach to health with Homeopathy - bringing complete Physical and Emotional well-being in varied diseases and conditions

Heal With Homeopathy opened its door to patients seeking Homeopathic treatment for Allergic disorders, Respiratory diseases and Mental disorders in 2004 from Care Polyclinic at Lajpat Nagar and thereafter expanded its services to wide area of disorders from basic skin care and Respiratory to more wider area of disorders covering many systems. In Jan 2013 Heal With Homeopathy moved from the Lajpat Nagar to the current set up at Kalkaji at the 900 sq. foot facility at Kalkaji, New Delhi.

Today at “Heal with Homeopathy” Centre we run various clinics for Skin disorders, Gastric disorders – from GERD to Ulcerative colitis and IBS, Rheumatology OPD catering to patient suffering from Rheumatic Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, SLE and other arthritic disorders. We also run a Cancer Care OPD for Palliative Care – we help cancer patients for delaying and avoiding recurrence and improvise the life condition of patient with aid of homeopathic remedies and diet management. At our Mental Health OPD we have been able to help many people with depression, mood and anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders.How we have been able to do this is as Classical Homeopathy has wide scope in many acute and chronic conditions. In many diseases homeopathy can offer curative care and in some conditions homeopathy can annihilate the condition to a great extent thus improving life condition and making like symptom free. We therefore offer right homeopathic treatment as per scope of homeopathy and condition of patient.

Dr. Geeta who is the Chief Consultant has wide clinical experience in treating patients with classical homeopath and has presented many National and International papers on various diseases and role of Homeopathy in same.The clinic is easily approachable by Metro and Road alike. We cater to all classes and even run a charitable OPD for low service income group people.

Our aim to give quality care and correct guidance to patients about their diseases, prognosis and scope and limitation of Homeopathy in their case.

With patients trust in us and with our utmost dedication to homeopathy and patient care we have been able to help many patients with Rheumatic Arthritis, cancer, severe recurrent Bronchitis, GERD and gastric ulcers, depression, Hormonal disorders, fibroids, PCOS and many more disorders. Whether it was seasonal illness in a young adult, chronic ear infections in a child, arthritis in an elder adult or cancer homeopathy has been able to help them to get over the illness and live a more disease free and healthier life.

We provide person focused services which are accessible and cost effective. With our Online treatment protocol we have been able to reach out to many hundreds of additional patients who seek our care and we have been able to help them and distance hasn’t been a hurdle in most of the cases.

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People I've worked with tend to speak a lot about their change!

  • My first experience of homeopathy was with Dr. Geeta, she's a very knowledgeable medical practitioner. She's very patient and has an unique way of dealing with every situation. I'm very happy to say that she has helped me a lot in getting rid of my poor health condition, and I would like to thank her for that from the bottom of my heart.
    Ishan Saluja
  • Your treatment works well for me now my ibs problem clearly cured thanks for your hospitality and specially Geeta mam
    vikas tiwari
  • Dr. Geeta is an excellent medical practitioner. She is extremely patient and takes the time to understand the issues of her patient and to know her patient as well  She has a deep understanding of how homeopathic treatments work and can effectively correlates the symptoms with her knowledge to give long effective results. Most importantly, she wins the trust of her patients through her compassionate and caring nature.
    Varun Khanna
  • I never believed in homeopathy until I met Dr. Geeta, I used to have problems in gulping my food and found no relief even after taking lots of medicines and getting my endoscopy done. However, I can definitely feel relief in my throat and even in my joints. I have my faith in her and I totally recommend her to everyone.
    Neelam Rana
  • School buddy now my doc , Dr Geeta is an awesome doctor and beautiful human . She diagnosed my problem of sleeplessness due to anxiety , with her treatment now i m free from anxiety and panic attacks, now can sleep like baby. The online consultation is the best, keeping in mind the present scenario..thank you so much ?
    Ramandeep Kaur
  • Dr. Geeta is best doctor ????? Her nature is very good and her treatment is excellent and thank you so much ma'am for your treatment.???????????????
    Shikhar Bhalla
  • I came to Dr Geeta for renal calculi but she said she will cover all aspects of my health including my Rheumatoid Arthritis, i didn’t believe that in beginning but continued as my stones were my cause of worry. My stones went away in 6 months and i noticed reduction in my joint pains. I kept the faith and continued with her and to my surprise my pains went away , i was off pain killers with her guidance and later on my own i stopped all steroids and allopathic medication. I m off all allopathic medication since 3 years now and gradually to my surprise my deformities have got better to an extent that i started using my hand. This has been very empowering for me , this change was even surprising for the doctors but since then i religiously take homeopathy and im very independent and have joined a full time job after a long gap. Im so very happy for the changes homeopathy has brought and i continue the treatment for same.
    Mrs Iyengar, New Delhi, India
  • I was in severe depression after my divorce and abortion and life had no meaning for me. I feel blessed for my mother took me to Dr Geeta who not just brought me out of depression but also guided me to study further. Im a proud Naturopathic practitioner today and all thanks to her treatment and support which changed my life.
    Rita, New Delhi
  • Our two year old son used to get acute bronchitis attack every month and was on course on antibiotics almost every month and would recover 20% from same ,cough would continue and would again get fever and infection. He was on nebulizer and his continuous cough was also a cause of worry. Since we started homeopathy with Dr Geeta he has not needed nebulsier and didn’t have any major episode of bronchitis.he does get cold and every sometimes at change of season which is also tackled by homeopathic medicines only. He is taken treatment for about a year regularly and we are happy with the results and thankful for same.
    Mrs Khanna, New Delhi

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